Dutch National Opera: Innocence by Kaija Saariaho, October 2023

Innocence is meesterwerk over vermoorde onschuld

NRC, Joost Galema, 8.10.2023


Saariaho’s music offers no peace anywhere: not for a moment can anyone float along on a slow and peaceful stream, its sea of sound harbors strange creatures. Subcutaneous feelings get their own voice, and the Residentie Orchestra and conductor Elena Schwarz know how to enable them to penetrate every pore of the listener.

‘Innocence’ van Kaija Saariaho is prachtig, beklemmend en ultiem ontroerend

Trouw, Peter van der Lint, 9.10.2023


(Saariaho’s) music always changes perfectly in color, as if you are constantly looking into a magic lantern that is slowly rotated. Conductor Elena Schwarz led the fantastic Residentie Orchestra with a masterly hand through the myriad colors and atmospheres.

In het gruwelijk mooie ‘Innocence’ komt alles samen: enscenering, partituur, woordkunst, de fijne cast

De Volkskrant, Jenny Camilleri, 9.10.2023


The task of the Residentie Orchestra is to maintain the smoldering tension which worked extremely well under the leadership of Elena Schwarz.